Classic Detailing is a certified mobile detailing service that provides professional, high-quality services for all your investments. It's not just a detail that we provide, it's an investment to keep your vehicles protected and looking their best. 

Frequent Questions & Answers:

How often should I detail my vehicle?

It depends on a few factors including: Whether your vehicle is stored in a garage away from the harmful elements like UV rays, how often you drive it, and how many passengers occupy the vehicle. That being said, the average daily-driver vehicle that is stored outside should be washed once a week, waxed at least once a month, and fully-detailed 1-2 times a year. 

Why weekly washes?

Weekly washes not only keep your vehicles looking great, but they protect your investments by ensuring all harmful contaminants such as: Bird droppings, water minerals, tar, bugs, and tree sap are removed before they "etch" your paint (which is not removable without wet-sanding and/or re-painting surface). *Contact us for further information on weekly plans.

Why are your prices higher than other detailers?

Classic Detailing is more than your average mobile detailer. We are certified, trained professionals who use only the best chemicals and equipment on your vehicles (investments). From our ultra-plush microfiber towels to our high-end paste waxes, we ensure that nothing but the best products ever touch your vehicle. 

I just purchased a new vehicle, why do I need it detailed?

When purchasing vehicles from the dealership, the vehicle's paint, upholstery, leather, etc. is not protected. By having the vehicle professionally detailed, your vehicle will actually end up looking even better than the first day you drove it home and it will be protected so it continues to look brand new.


All photos on this site are of actual vehicles detailed by Classic Detailing and are the property of Classic Detailing.